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What are ShredStation Vaults?

ShredStation Vaults™ are the first sensitive information disposal stations designed to help small businesses and individuals combat identity theft. By depositing and shredding personal and sensitive information, ShredStation customers can conveniently and affordably prevent id theft and protect their privacy.

If you have larger destruction needs, you might want to consider using our residential and small business pick up service, [ShredStation Express] or if you prefer to ship using our partner UPS, you might consider
[Ship to ShredStation]

How do I collect my documents and prepare them for deposit to ShredStation?

Each ShredStation Vault contains a slot for free specially printed and sized envelopes. You can bring your documents to the location to deposit right away or if you want to take envelopes with you to pack at home, you are welcome to do so. There is no need to remove staples or paperclips, or to sort by document type. Simply place your documents (up to 2lbs.) in an envelope that we have provided and make your deposit.. It's that simple.

How can I be sure my documents are destroyed?

ShredStation Vaults are serviced by local licensed and bonded security professionals employed by document destruction companies who have been shredding for hospitals, government agencies, the Department of Defense, and banks while following the strict rules and regulations of FACTA and HIPPA. All material is contained in a locked security container at all times and then destroyed at an unreadable form by on-site shredding mobile trucks. Does ShredStation conduct background checks on its service providers? Yes. All of our Security Service Representatives undergo background checks and are bonded and insured.

How often do you come to shred?

This depends on when the vault is at capacity which our smart technology allows us to gauge the number of drops per station immediately as they occur. The local service providers are updated with this information so they are alerted when the Vaults reach 50%, 75% and then full capacity. The ShredStation Vault is fully automated, self-diagnostic and totally secure.

What happens if the station is full before the scheduled service time?

ShredStation Vaults automatically alert the mobile shredding truck unit when the Vault reaches 50% capacity and schedules service at 75% full. However, if the station does become full, the smart technology the ShredStation Vault is equipped with a fill status alert and will not accept payment authorization and the envelope drop area will not open for any additionally deposits.

Can any of my items be pieced back together even after shredded?

No, the on site shredding trucks utilize a Level-3 Security cross-cut shredding process, reducing paper to crisscross cut pieces of confetti. These crisscross pieces of paper are cut to approximately 5/8", which provides far greater security than conventional strip-cut shredders.

I have several file boxes that need to be destroyed?

There is no job too big or too small. We offer other services that allow you to either ship boxes of material using UPS (Ship to ShredStation) or our residential and small business pick up service, ShredStation Express.

What should I shred?

There is a misconception that most identity theft occurs as a result of their online activity. The reality is that more than 70 percent of ID theft cases involve paper. Document shredding is the single most effective means of eliminating this threat.

Some examples of things you should shred:

  • Debit Card Numbers >
  • Drivers License Numbers
  • Employment Information
  • Insurance Policy Info
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Payroll Reports
  • Receipts/Invoices
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Tax Records
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Application for jobs
  • Bank Account Data
  • Bank Reports
  • Bids & Quotations
  • Brokerage Reports
  • Canceled Checks
  • Classified Information
  • Confidential Letters
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Credit Card Statement

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