Convenient Drop off Locations
For our customers that prefer to drop off their documents or electronics at a convenient retail location or one of our destruction facilities, ShredStation offers two options –ShredStation Vaults and ShredStation Express Drop Off facilities.


ShredStation Vaults are secure self-pay deposit stations ideal for small volume paper shredding. They are similar in size and shape to a DHL or UPS drop box, only instead of dropping something in to be mailed, consumers pay to have their envelope contents destroyed. Each deposit envelope can hold up to 2lbs. of material (a lot more than the "six pages at a time" limit for many home shredders).

ShredStation Vaults are available in a variety of retail locations throughout the country including banks, grocery stores and office supply stores.

To learn more about ShredStation Vaults, visit our FAQ page by clicking [here].

Secure Drop Off Locations:

In some parts of the country, ShredStation offers Secure Drop Off Facilities where customers can bring their paper or electronics for us to destroy. We do all of our paper shredding and electronic destruction on-site at these locations in a secure protected environment.


Service Locations


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