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Last year alone there were more than 400 companies guilty of data breaches and they were responsible for compromising the private information of more than 220 million people. Data breaches cause public relations nightmares, trigger dramatic customer loss and result in lawsuits and fines.  ShredStation offers a variety of paper, computer and electronics destruction services to help our business clients comply with privacy legislation and prevent data breaches.  Our business services include:

One-time pick up (paper, electronic media or both) 

If you're business is like most, you have a storage room that's filled with boxes of documents or outdated computers that contain sensitive company information.  Holding on to those documents or computers is a data breach waiting to happen.  ShredStation will come directly to your business, pick-up and destroy your sensitive information. Each client receives a Certificate of Destruction as verification that all materials have been securely destroyed.

Ongoing Paper Shredding Services

We offer a variety of programs and consoles for office use.  We offer monthly, bimonthly and quarterly service.  If you're interested in ongoing service, please contact our call center or your local representative about scheduling a complimentary needs assessment. 


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